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Sun Control Shades

Sheerweave® and other PVC solar shades are the fresh alternative to the common vinyl roller shades. This new advance in technology of PVC-coated fiberglass yarn filters out heat, glare, and harmful ultra-violet rays while still allowing natural light to flood the room.

With this new technology, sun shades not only reduces the fading of draperies and carpets, it also allows the owner a perfect view of the outside world while still maintaining a degree of privacy. Please note, depending on the type of inside light you have, during the nighttime hours, privacy can be void. Each design of the Sheerweave sun shades affects the ability to see through them, this is known as the “Openness Factor”. Throughout the Sheerweave sun shades page, the “Openness Factor” will appear with the complementary shade.  


Introducing Black Out Fabrics

Sheerweave now comes with in Black Out Fabrics, ideal for bedrooms. If you need to totally eliminate the light from your bedroom, or entertainment room, you can select from our choice of popular colors.

A continuous loop lift chain, instead of the spring roller, is another contemporary design used for the Sheerweave solar shades and comes standard at no extra charge. The comfortable glide of the Sheerweave sun shades with the continuous loop lift chain creates an easy and trouble-free elevation.

For more product information and installation instructions for the Sheerweave sun shades, please Click Here. For pricing and color choices click on a Sheerweave sun shade link below.
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Sun Control Shades Comparison Chart
Product Name and Link: Main Features: Other Options: Price:
Phifer Sheerweave 3000  Our best value sun control shades.   Has a 14% openness factor (more light). Comes standard with clutch roller.    . $ 
Florida Sun Shade  Least Expensive Material
5 % Openness factor
  . $ 
Phifer Sheerweave 2100, 2360, 4100  Mid-Range Fabrics  All have a 10% openness factor. Comes standard with clutch roller.    . $$ 
Phifer Sheerweave 2000, 2390, 4000  Mid-Range Fabrics  All have a 5% openness factor. Comes standard with clutch roller.    . $$ 
Phifer Sheerweave 4400  Top of the line fabrics.  Has a 3% openness factor (less light). Comes standard with clutch roller.    . $$$ 
Phifer Sheerweave 5000  Top of the line fabrics.  Has various openness factors of 5%, 7% and 10%. Comes standard with clutch roller.    . $$$ 
Phifer Sheerweave Black-Out  Black Out Fabrics  Available with Roman Fold
  . $$$$ 

NOTE: Click on any of the product links above to view product information, prices and color charts.

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Our Staff Decorating Suggestions
Sheerweave Sun Shades are a modern way to save energy; they reduce ultra-violet rays and cuts down on the fading of furniture, etc. Sheerweave sun shades are practical, yet stylish.

Since the Sheerweave Sun Shades are ordered online and we do not perform in-home estimates, it is your responsibility for the measurements and style to be correct. If it is not, then it will take a great deal of time and money to re-make the wood blinds.

If you are unsure of the color, please request free samples. Samples are a good idea because, although we try to be true to the color, each computer monitor will show the viewer a slightly different shade.

Sheerweave Solar Shades should be used in rooms that receive quite a lot of glare from the sun such as living rooms or patios. When used in a living room, the glare on the television is drastically cut.

Use the darker Sheerweave colors such as Tobacco and Ninja Grey in offices. This refines the office creating the appeal of authority and finesse.

The lighter shades of our Sheerweave Sun Shades such as White or Chalk will brighten the room and may even enhance thought and intelligence. These sun shades are perfect in studies.

My favorite color of the Sheerweave Sun Shades is in agreement with the Most Popular, chalk. Completely refined and smooth, this color is a classic and is ideal for most rooms.

Our Color Choices for the Sheerweave Sun Shades:
Phifer Sheerweave 3000--Sand Dollar
Phifer Sheerweave 2100, 2360, 4100--Chalk
Phifer Sheerweave 2000, 2390, 4000--Tobacco
Phifer Sheerweave 4400--Ash

To Define the Numbers:
Phifer Sheerweave 3000--14% openness factor coordinating with 86% UV blockage
Phifer Sheerweave 2100, 2360, 4100--10% openness factor and 90% UV blockage
Phifer Sheerweave 2000, 2390, 4000--Added privacy and 5% openness factor, 95% UV blockage
Phifer Sheerweave 4400--Added privacy, 3% openness factor, 97% UV blockage

If you have any other questions regarding our Sheerweave Solar Shades, please feel free to CONTACT US.

Thanks for taking the time to view our Phifer Sheerweave Sun Shades.