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Measuring your Window for Custom Blinds

You can learn how to mount blinds, even if you don't have very much experience with tools or decorating. Mounting blinds with the correct measurements is a relatively simple process that you can do within the hour.

To properly mount blinds, you need to measure the dimensions of the window where the blinds will be installed. Measure every dimension of the window to the nearest 1/8" and write down these dimensions on a piece of paper. Be sure to write down what part of the window measures what dimensions. For example, your paper may look something like this:

Lateral Dimensions (the length across the window): 38 1/2"

Vertical Dimensions (the length up and down the window): 60 "   (remember: always measure in inches)

Be sure that when you measure the window that you measure the inside area of the window, not the outer area of the window that is in line with the rest of the wall. Notice how the window is inlaid and set back several inches, providing a thick window ledge in front of the glass window. You want to measure the area inside that inlaid area, with the tape measure right up against the glass. The blinds will be set inside this inlaid area, not further toward you and in line with the rest of the wall. You might consider measuring some other window blinds and windows first to get a good idea of how they should be measured.

It is also very important to use a steel measuring tape and not cloth. Cloth measuring strings and other less durable measuring methods are likely to droop and distort your window measurements. Incorrect measurements will result in trying to mount window blinds that are not the right size for your window. The most common result will be window blinds that are too large for your window, and won't be able to be mounted at all. The other possibility is to accidentally purchase window blinds that are too small for the window. These can probably still be mounted inside the window but will leave an area of the window revealed.

As long as you measure the window correctly while you learn how to mount blinds, you should have no trouble installing blinds. Additional window mounting recourses may be found at www.buyriteblinds.com