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2 Inch Wood Blinds

People who are looking to add a real feeling of warmth and comfort to a room in their home or office should seriously consider purchasing wood blinds for their room's windows because wood blinds offer these very qualities. It is important to consider the appeal of the décor in the room in the home or office (commercial or private locations alike) before purchasing blinds because you need to be sure that the blinds that you purchase actually add to the décor and do not take away from it. For example, wood blinds would take away from the appeal of a room of a home or office that had a stucco design to it. The stucco design suggests power, a modern feel, and elegance. Wood blinds don't bring any of those qualities to a room. Quality wood blinds offer décor qualities that exude warmth and classiness. These qualities do not match at all. If the room in the home or office in which you are decorating already has a classic or warm appeal or something conducive to these appeals, then wood blinds would add to the décor and should be strongly considered when decorating.

Affordable Wood Blinds

Affordable wood blinds are generally installed by mounting them to the top of the window and not the bottom. The blinds are raised and lowered by using a cord that works with a pulley system that is discretely located in a rack at the top of the window pain. When the cord is pulled, the wooden slats raise up by stacking neatly on top of each other. Pulled all the way to the top of the window, wooden slats that are stacked in this manner provide a very nice and organized look to the window that it otherwise would not have. When the cord is allowed to raise, the wooden slats un-stack very neatly and are lowered to cover the entire window.


The fact that wood blinds are installed by mounting them to the top of the window means that the top half of the window can be completely covered and the bottom half can be exposed. This is especially helpful when the sun is shining brightly through the top half of the window, which is often the case in the early morning or late evening, depending on the location of the window.

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